Soap/Soy Sauce/Shampoo Piston Type Liquid Filling Machine

01. Product Description:ModelFilling volumeFilling precisionAir consumptionProductivityLGJ-W-1515-150ml±0.1%23L/min20-50bot/minLGJ-W-2525-250ml±0.1%30L/min20-50bot/minLGJ-W-5050-500ml±0.1%44L/min20-50bot/minLGJ-W-100100-1000ml±0.1%87L/min20-50bot/minLGJ-W-250250-2500ml±0.1%160L/min20-40bot/minL

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01. Product Description:
ModelFilling volumeFilling precisionAir consumptionProductivity
The parameters are for reference only, the products can be customized.
Main features:
1. The machine can be used for liquid medium material and high viscosity material, such as cream.
2. Full-pneumatic design, all elements are controlled by compressing air. So it can meet explosion-proof requirement and has high security.
3. No static electricity, no need to connect to earthing (grounding).

4. Stainless steel piston housing and solid volume-control device make high precision to ±1% (as per max filling volume).

02. Related Product:
Piston Liquid Filling Machine for Soap/Soy Sauce/Shampoo

03. Semi-Automatic Self-Suction Filling Machine:
The semi-auto self-suction filling machine (pneumatic driven) suitable for filling  from the water (containing particles) to various viscosity products cream, suitable for daily chemical, medicine, food, pesticide and other industries. Suitable for water, honey, yogurt, fruit juice, shampoo, shower gel Liquid, gear oil, coffee, ink, liquid eye shadow, tea, food pigment,hand washing liquid,  lotion, , milk, liquid soap,syrup, food oil,etc.

04. Analysis Table:
Piston Liquid Filling Machine for Soap/Soy Sauce/Shampoo

1. Back Air Controller                                      11. Oil Controller                                21. Filling Nozzle Clamp 
2. Clamping Lever                                            12. Pressure Scale                                22. Hoops
3. Measurement Set                                          13. Urgent Power                                 23. Ducting
4. Guide Rod                                                    14. Manual/Automatic Power               24. Outlet Soft Tube
5. Screw Rod                                                    15. Rack                                               25. Air Connector
6. Measurement Scale, Safety Mask                  16. Anti-skid Mat                                  26. Speed Adjustor (Front)
7. Hand Wheel                                                 17. Upright Stanchion                            27. Upper Air Tube
8. Pedal/Hand Filling                                       18. Anti-leak Filling Nozzle                    28. Down Air Tube
9. Air Source Supply                                        19. Inlet Tube                                         29. Cylinder

10. Air Compressor Adjustor                            20. Cross Rod                                         30. Speed Adjustor (Back)

05. Semi-Automatic Filling, Capping, Labeling Production Line:
Piston Liquid Filling Machine for Soap/Soy Sauce/Shampoo

06. Material Sources & Certificates:
Piston Liquid Filling Machine for Soap/Soy Sauce/Shampoo

07. Company & Factory:
Piston Liquid Filling Machine for Soap/Soy Sauce/Shampoo

08. FAQ:

1. A: Are you factory?How many workers do you have?

    B: Yes,we are factory. One of our factory is located in Guangzhou and another one is in Jiangsu province. We have about 100 workers in our factory and we have 18 years expirence on cosmetic machinery.

2. A: What about after sale service?

    B: We provide two years warranty period for large equipment, such as hydraulic homogenizer ,vacuum emulsifying mixer etc. One year for small filling machines, such as semi-automatic labeling machine series.

    We provide wearing parts(not caused by improper operating) for free within the warranty period(except delivery fee).

3. A: What about installation?

    B: Our engineer can be sent to your country. but customer should pay the air tickets. besides, customer should arrange the accommodation for them during the trip. 

4. A: What do we do if we encounter problem about the machine ?

    B: Show us the picture or video of the problem. If the problem is from small machine, we will send you solution by video. If the problem is from large machine, our engineer will go to your factory (customer will pay the fee during the trip).

5. A: How can you control the quality and delivery?

    B: All our machines will be tested before packaging. wooden packaing is strong and safety for long delivery .

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