Seasoning Powder Automatic Delicious Coffee Powder Food Packaging Machine

                                                             Powder Packaging Machine       Introduction:This machine adopts intelligent numerical control

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                                                             Powder Packaging Machine     
This machine adopts intelligent numerical control system, imported stepping motor drawing bag mechanism, and adjustable measuring measuring cup, which can automatically complete bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, printing batch number and other functions. The operation is simple, the bag making is accurate, and the performance is stable and reliable.

Applicable :
Applicable to various powders, fine powders, etc. for food, medicine, chemical pesticides, etc. Such as milk powder, soy flour, seasoning powder and other materials packaging
Packaging materials: paper / polyethylene, BOPP / polyethylene, aluminum foil / polyethylene, polyester / aluminized / polyethylene, nylon / polyethylene and other composite materials.

1.Automatic packaging machine button switch + full digital display. The operation is stable and reliable.
2.Automatic packaging machine computer control, the system uses stepping motor subdivision technology, the bag making precision is high, the error is less than 1 mm.
3.Fully automatic tracking color code, intelligently eliminate false color standard, automatically complete the positioning and fixed length of the packaging bag.
4.Heat sealing double-channel temperature control, intelligent temperature control, good heat balance, guarantee sealing quality, suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
5.Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system.

Packing speed (bag/min)30-7030-7030-70
Measuring range(g) 1-100g  1-100g  1-100g 
 Measuring type   Screw type   Screw type   Screw type  
 Bag size   L:50-160,W: 50-120mm  L:40-140,W: 40-100mm  L:40-160,W: 40-100mm 
 Power(kw)  1.2KW  1.1KW  1.1KW 
 Weight(kg)  170kg  210kg  210kg 
 Overall dimension(mm)  625*750*1550  650*600*1600  650*600*1750 
 Sealing type   Three-sides  Three-sides/four sides  Back-seal  

Product show :
Automatic Coca Coffee Power Food Packaging Machine for Seasoning Flour
Automatic Coca Coffee Power Food Packaging Machine for Seasoning Flour

Automatic Coca Coffee Power Food Packaging Machine for Seasoning Flour


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